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Amidst all the hype screaming for your attention, every now and then there’s something that will dramatically change the path of your business (and even your life)… well now is one of those times:

The Weird Story of a Ground-Shaking
Event That Shouldn’t Exist… and Why It
Just Might Build Your Business Faster
Than Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Hi… I’m Jeff Walker. I’ve had an online business for more than 20 years. In that time I’ve sold tens of millions of dollars of my products.

And then 14 years ago, I published something called the “Product Launch Formula” - and it changed the online marketing world.

PLF is a process regular people can use for launching products and services with huge momentum – the way Apple and Hollywood do.

Thousands of people used my formula to launch in almost every market and niche and country you could imagine. And my clients and students have now done over a BILLION dollars in launches.

All those launches you see in your inbox… I’m the one to blame. They’re all following my formula.

As the success grew, many predicted the “death of launches”…

It never came. The launch results got stronger.

Dozens of johnny-come-lately would-be “gurus” tried to copy my formula and teach it like it was their own.

None of them lasted. They faded away.

I kept updating the formula, and the results kept getting better.

My business grew, and my life was great.

And yet there was something missing. There was a gap in my life - I was too young to retire. I knew that I couldn’t rest on my laurels. I had to keep innovating.

My Secret Launch Lab...
In 2010, I found the answer. I started a mastermind that I called “Platinum Plus”…

I thought it would be a cool way to help me create content and make some extra money.

I had no idea what was about to happen.


It’s now been nine years – we’ve had 25 meetings, and we’ve spent more than 50 total days together. There are 50 members, and it’s very rare for anyone to leave the group.

We’ve become a family.

And along the way we’ve collectively done HUNDREDS of launches… and had hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. And we’ve created tactics, strategies, and tools that have literally changed the online marketing world.

Many of the launches had record-breaking results. And we had more than a few failures.

We learned from all of them.

And along the way, this group has literally become my SECRET LAUNCH LAB.

That sounds like marketer hype, but it’s very real.

Because nearly all the biggest innovations in the launch and conversion world in the last five years have come from the people in this group.

And the results speak for themselves in real world launch results. I have literally lost count of the million and multi-million dollar launches in the group… it’s now the “new normal” for the group.

My Frustration, Your Opportunity…
So this has all created a bit of a problem for me…

I’ve got this amazing group, and we’ve got all these incredible tools, techniques, strategies, and tactics - but I didn’t have any place to teach them…

This material is super-advanced, and if I put it in my online Product Launch Formula program, it would overwhelm my students.

And my “PLF Live” event has a structured curriculum that’s already over-full. There’s no room there.

It was frustrating. At my core, I’m a teacher. And nothing is more frustrating to a teacher than having amazing new business (and life) changing material… and no place to share it.

I needed a new place to teach this cutting-edge material. And that’s why I created LaunchCon…

This is an event that really shouldn’t exist. There are a few different models in the “live event” marketplace… but “create an amazing mastermind of marketing superstars for nine years, and then have them collectively spill the beans on all their most significant lessons” isn’t one of them. 

But I’ve been creating and cultivated this amazing ecosystem for all these years, and I’m proud of it… and I want to share it with you.

What All This Means to YOU…
LaunchCon isn’t about “professional speakers” who make their living delivering canned talks dozens of times a year.

It isn’t about super-slick speakers telling stories for 40 minutes and then pitching you with an offer for another 30 minutes.

What you’ll get at LaunchCon is my Platinum Plus members – all of them super-successful, down-in-the-trenches entrepreneurs and marketers – teaching the latest cutting edge strategies, tactics, and tools for maximizing your launch.

This is just a sample of what they’ve shared at past LaunchCon events:

Of course, that’s just the start of it. And since the stuff we’re learning in Platinum Plus never ends, I’ll be adding more material right up until we start the event.

This isn’t about what worked in 2012… or even 2018. It’s what’s working NOW… and in the next 18 months.

There is NO OTHER place where you can get this far ahead of the curve.

The “Haves” and the “Have Nots”…
When you look at the LEADERS in the online business world… and you watch what they’re actually doing (not what they’re saying, but what they’re doing), it’s clear that they’re driving their businesses by launching and re launching their products and services.

It’s as simple as this… launch or die.

And they’re basically all using my playbook – the Product Launch Formula.

But one thing has become clear in the last couple years... there is a true “digital divide” happening in online business. There are the “haves” and the “have nots”…

Some businesses are thriving; many are struggling. We’re seeing record-breaking launches and we’re seeing launches that never get out of the starting gate.

It’s not a difference of desire or grit or hard work.

It’s about having the latest cutting-edge knowledge, skills, tools, tactics… and connections.

And LaunchCon is where you get them. There is no other event in the industry with so much launch knowledge and so many people who have done million-dollar and multi-million-dollar launches.

So Here’s What It Is…
LaunchCon is a 3-day live in-person event… this year it’s going to be in Phoenix, AZ.

If attending my “PLF Live” event is like getting a college degree in marketing, then LaunchCon is like getting an advanced MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship.

It’s all new material. It’s the cutting edge of the launch and conversion world.

I’ll be hosting the event and presenting new material each day. My Platinum Plus members will be presenting their latest findings. And I might have a surprise superstar or two presenting.

Last year we had about 800 people at LaunchCon, and I’m expecting this year will be even bigger… which means the networking will be incredible.

LaunchCon only happens once a year. This year it’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - November 8th, 9th, and 10th.

The Big Question...
By now you might have skipped down to the bottom of this letter to check out the price…

And if you did, you might be wondering why LaunchCon is so inexpensive.

After all, I have a reputation for putting on $5,000 events (and I once did one that cost $25,000).

So here’s the simple answer – I’m planning on growing LaunchCon into a huge industry event. And the easiest way that I can see to do that is through word-of-mouth.

Simply put, since the event is pure awesomeness… I figure the more people I can get to attend this year’s event, the more people they’re going to bring back next year.

So, I’m investing in the long run by radically underpricing the event. The price is only $997.

The content and networking is easily worth 10x the cost of a ticket… but this year I’m going to make it ridiculously easy to say YES… and then let the word-of-mouth take care of itself.

So please don’t let the low price make you think that this event will be anything short of world-class in content, connections, or level of attendees. It’s going to be amazing.

Just click this button to get registered for LaunchCon, and I’ll see you in Phoenix in November.


best regards,
Jeff Walker

P.S. I can only fit 50 people in my Platinum Plus group

and since members almost never leave… the waitlist to get in is measured in years.

So, I don’t have a spot for you in the group… you can’t get in.

But when you come to LaunchCon, you’re getting the next best thing. You get the best-of-the-best inside lessons from Platinum Plus.

And you’ll get to rub shoulders and hang out with Plat Plus members – because they’re all going to be in the room. For three days, you get to be part of the family.

You’ll also be surrounded by superstars in the industry – this is only the fourth year for LaunchCon, but it’s already become a can’t-miss event for many of the most successful online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Get registered today, and I’ll see you at LaunchCon in November.