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OCTOBER 7th - 9th, 2016 In Los Angeles, CA
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As you may have noticed, the launch world is definitely going through some changes.  And behind the scenes, the explosive growth I’m seeing is nothing short of astounding.  And that’s why...
So what does that even mean?
What’s a “private launch lab” and does it really exist?
Or is it just some marketer hype?
Well stick with me for a second… because it very much exists. And the strategies and tactics that we’ve been uncovering in that lab are nothing short of astounding…

The LAUNCH WORLD is changing.

You may have noticed the "launch world" has been exploding in a pretty big way in the last few years. More people are doing huge launches, and they're doing them more regularly.

All of that is apparent to the casual outside observer - but let me tell you a bit about what's happening behind-the-scenes. The actual, real-world results (ie, number of sales and dollars in the bank) have been amazing... and they keep getting better.

While the great UNWASHED MASSES keep talking about launches being “broken”, the insiders know that these launch results have never been bigger…

And it all goes back to that secret Launch Lab of mine…

You see, for the last six years I’ve been working with a small group of super-high-level clients. There are 52 of them.

Over the last six years we’ve had 17 in-person meetings. We’ve met for a total of 37 days. And in that time we’ve developed an incredible set of tools, strategies, tactics, offers, and sequences that take launches (and my Product Launch Formula) to heights that have never been seen before.

The result? Their launches just keep getting bigger and better, year after year.

Now, it’s been a very cool thing to be with them every step of the way through all of this.

But it’s also created a new kind of problem for me...

Sure, I’ve been hashing out and gathering together all these amazing tools and tactics, lessons, formulas, and strategies in our “launch lab” all this time... but I haven’t had a way to share it outside of this small group of 52 people.

There’s simply too much groundbreaking stuff to try to cram into Product Launch Formula. And my PLF Live event is already chock full with its own structured curriculum.

In other words, at the very time where the entire launch world was exploding with bigger and better results, there just hasn’t been a venue where I can teach all these new strategies and tactics.

So I decided it was time to create a whole new event...

Where I’d bring together a select group of my most exclusive clients to offer you the very best of what we’ve discovered, tested, tweaked, and (as far as possible) perfected when it comes to creating serious growth in your launches.

It’s called LaunchCon. And it’s happening in October in Los Angeles.

Here’s just a small sampling of the cutting-edge, actionable content we’re going to cover during this amazing three-day event:

Now, before I tell you more about the event, here’s a question to consider (I’ve sometimes asked it myself)...

Isn’t It Sweet When You Attend an Event Where the Presenters Actually DO What They’re Talking About?
Where they’re not professional speakers on the seminar circuit...but down-in-the-trenches entrepreneurs who are testing and tweaking their own launches?
Well, that’s exactly what I’ve pulled together for you.

Of course, that’s great because it means they’re going to share all the tested and proven formulas and strategies that have fueled the phenomenal growth and success of their own businesses.

However, there’s an additional advantage for you by having these particular speakers at LaunchCon.

These presenters are, first and foremost, serious entrepreneurs... and that means this event isn’t going to be a “pitch fest.”  Honestly, they don’t have anything to sell you!

They’re just too busy...

That’s why these real-life unsung heroes of business may very well blow you away with this material... which they’ve never before shared in public.

And, while many of them may not be familiar to you because they avoid the limelight in order to focus exclusively on their businesses, you should also know...

I will have some of my big-name guru buddies there as well.  (After all, there’s a reason they’re gurus!)

And I’ll be teaching new material I’ve never shared before.

Like I said, I’ve been curating all these proven and actionable strategies, formulas, and tools in my private launch lab for several years... and now I’m ready to share it all.

In fact, I’m so eager to “share the wealth” that I’m opening this event up to the general public (which hasn’t happened for nine years).

In the past, you had to be one of my high-end clients just to get an invitation to one of my live events.  And, really, that made sense for those events.

This is different, though.  My private clients and I have so much to offer after the past six years of developing and perfecting these approaches to conducting ultra-effective launches, that I think it’s time to open wide the doors and let people like you see just what we’ve been up to.

And that’s not all.

Because we want the whole launch world to be built up and inspired by what we’re going to share...

And because we want this event to create a powerful groundswell of word of mouth...

We’re making it super affordable.

The price?

Just $997.  

And for a limited time... because I want that word of mouth to start spreading NOW... I’m offering a steeply discounted early bird special.

Which means, you can reserve your spot at LaunchCon today...

For only $497.

So click the button below and register now.
OK, you may be wondering if you’re a good fit to attend.  After all, LaunchCon isn’t just a new event I’m putting on... it’s a new kind of event for me.  So...
This Event Is For You If:
If any of that sounds like you, you’re a good fit.

Honestly, I’ve Never Offered An Event Quite Like This One Before...

Where I’m bringing together my most exclusive clients and letting the whole launch world in on the results we’ve come up with in our private “launch lab.”

And now, I’m going to share it with you, this October in Los Angeles - at LaunchCon.

And you can take advantage of the early bird special right now, before the price goes up.

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Set yourself up for your best launch ever... and your best year ever!

I’ll see you there.

-- Jeff Walker

P.S.  Access to my very best training and systems has been a closed “eco-system” until now.  Like I said, in the past you had to be a high-end client even to get an invite to my live events!  But not with LaunchCon. I really am opening this event up to everyone.  And you really will experience powerful, actionable training from some of the very best launch specialists and entrepreneurs in the business. All it takes is a ticket, so...
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